"May the Peace of the Wilderness be with you"

Rumor has it - When God takes a vacation, he goes to a Colorado Wilderness!


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Colorado Wilderness Areas Map

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Map Legend
Bureau of Land Management Wilderness
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Wilderness
U.S. Forest Service Wilderness
National Park Wilderness
Areas less than 20,000 acres


State Fast Facts
State acres: 66,386,000 Largest wilderness: Weminuche Wilderness
Acres of wilderness: 3,389,935 Smallest wilderness: Platte River Wilderness
Wildernesses: 41 Managing agencies: BLM, FWS, FS, NPS


Take a trip into Colorado's Wilderness Areas. Explore the wilderness and towns surrounding the wilderness of your choice. This map shows you to all the wilderness areas in Colorado (as of 2004).

P.S. When God takes a vacation, he comes to a Colorado Wilderness - you should too!

This map is used with permission from The Wilderness Society

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