"May the Peace of the Wilderness be with you"

Rumor has it - When God takes a vacation, he goes to a Colorado Wilderness!


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NEW!  The Colorado DOW now has interactive GMU maps on their website.  You can save them to your computer and print them.  Find game migration routes, streams, topo information, fishing conditions, trail maps and much more.  Best of all, it's FREE!

Note to dog owners:  ALL WILDERNESS AREAS require dogs to be under control at all times. The areas that require your dog to be on a leash at all times include: Cache La Poudre, Comanche Peak, Collegiate Peaks, Eagles Nest, Fossil Ridge, Holy Cross, Hunter-Fryingpan, Indian Peaks, La Garita, Lizard Head, Lost Creek, Maroon Bells-Snowmass, Mt. Evans, Mt. Massive, Mt. Sneffels, Neota, Powderhorn, Ptarmigan Peak, Raggeds, Rawah, and Uncompahgre.  Check with the Forest Service Ranger Districts in each wilderness area if you have questions or for more detailed information. (Contact information is at the bottom of each wilderness area page on this website.)

Game Unit Interactive Maps from the DOW

Interactive Fishing Maps are also available from the DOW

The U.S. Forest Service, White River National Forest requires registration at the trailhead by wilderness visitors to the Maroon Bells-Snowmass and Holy Cross Wildernesses. More......

 Colorado Wilderness Areas

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Designated wilderness is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Wilderness Area 


National Forest(s)

Game Management - Hunting Unit

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park 15,599 Gunnison 64,63
Buffalo Peaks 43,410 Pike, San Isabel 481, 49
Byers Peak 8,913 Arapaho, Routt 28
Cache La Poudre 9,238 Roosevelt 19
Collegiate Peaks 166,938 White River, San Isabel, Gunnison 471,48,481,55
Comanche Peak 66,791 Roosevelt 171,19,20,18
Dinosaur National Park 210,000 Nat'l Park Svc None
Eagles Nest 132,906 White River 36,371,45,37
Flat Tops 235,035 Routt, White River 24,25,12,26,33,34
Fossil Ridge 31,534 Gunnison 55
Great Sand Dunes National Park 33,450 San Isabel 82
Greenhorn Mountain 22,040 San Isabel 84
Gunnison Gorge 17,700 Gunnison None
Holy Cross 122,797 San Isabel, White River 44,45,444,48
Hunter - Fryingpan 81,866 White River 47,48
Indian Peaks 73,291 Arapaho, Roosevelt 28,29
James Peak 14,000 Arapaho, Roosevelt  
La Garita 128,858 Gunnison, Rio Grande 66,67,681,76
Lizard Head 41,193 San Juan, Uncompahgre 70
Lost Creek 119,790 Pike 50,501
Maroon Bells - Snowmass 181,117 Gunnison, White River 43,55
Mesa Verde 8,100 San Juan 73
Mount Evans 74,401 Arapaho, Pike 39,46,500,501
Mount Massive 30,540 San Isabel 47,48
Mount Sneffels 16,565 Uncompahgre 61,65
Mount Zirkel 159,935 Routt 14,161,16,5
Neota 9,924 Roosevelt, Routt 18,171
Never Summer 20,747 Arapaho, Routt 18,171
Platte River 23,492 Routt .
Powderhorn 61,510 Gunnison 66
Ptarmigan Peak 12,594 Routt, White River 37,371
Raggeds 64,992 Gunnison, White River 43,521
Rawah 73,068 Roosevelt, Routt 6,7,171
Rocky Mountain National Park 210,000 Roosevelt None
Sangre De Cristo 226,420 Rio Grande, San Isabel 82,86
Sarvis Creek 47,190 Routt 15
South San Juan 158,790 Rio Grande, San Juan 76,78,80,81
Uncompahgre (Big Blue) 102,721 Uncompahgre 65,66
Vasquez 12,986 Arapaho 28
Weminuche 492,418 San Juan, Rio Grande 74,75,76,77,78,751
West Elk 176,172 Gunnison 53,54
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Note from the U.S Forest Service: Wilderness is for your use and enjoyment, but you have an obligation to leave it unimpaired for future generations. Please understand your responsibilities when visiting these special places. Leave it as you wish to find it.




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