"May the Peace of the Wilderness be with you"

Rumor has it - When God takes a vacation, he goes to a Colorado Wilderness!


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Take a summer journey across Colorado's Flat Tops Wilderness Area,

"Island Of The Rockies"

Trappers Lake Lodge was destroyed by the "Big Fish" fire on August 16, 2002, and has been completely rebuilt. Out of the 16 structures at Trappers Lake, 9 were consumed by this runaway blaze. The wilderness fire moved very fast and through the Skinnyfish, McGinnis lakes area. Trails were closed in the Marvine area for a time.

The 62 minute video filmed in 1997, shows all the beautiful country that was under siege by the fast-growing "Big Fish" wildfire of 2002.

"Island Of The Rockies - Sights and Sounds of the Flat Tops Wilderness" was the video winner in the 1998 Writing and Photo Competition held by Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers in April, 1999 at Tucson, Arizona.

"Their video is pretty neat - a lot of footage of scenery and not a lot of distracting dialog. They tried, successfully I think, to show the viewer what will be found in the wilderness - terrific scenery, lots of wildlife, and few sounds of man." Al Marlowe, Executive Director and Newsletter Editor of Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers.

Original Ute Indian Music

Click on the link above to listen to "Wayne's Song", original Ute Indian music written, played and sung by Wayne Gardner exclusively for the "Island Of The Rockies" video. Wayne's Native American ancestors lived in the White River Valley, next to the Flat Tops Wilderness. After reviewing a draft copy of the Flat Tops Wilderness video, he let his spirit move him to create this beautiful song in memory of his people who went before him. Wayne has two cassettes/CD's on the market at this time. Our favorite is "Hummingbirds - Native American Flute Ensemble". Wayne also writes and illustrates children's books. He and his family live on the reservation at White Rocks, Utah. What a talented, gentle and wonderful man!

Listen to Sounds of Elk in the Wilderness - Awesome!

The Video "Island of the Rockies" is no longer available.

John Muir

Click on the link above to hear what this famous writer has to say about wilderness, no matter where it's located. Words to remember!

Colorado Columbine
Colorado Columbine
Ampitheatre at Trappers Lake
Ampitheatre at Trappers Lake

Rumor has it...When God takes a vacation, he comes to the Flat Tops Wilderness - you should too!!

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