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Rumor has it - When God takes a vacation, he goes to a Colorado Wilderness!


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Advertising Rates and Information

Internet Advertising lets the whole world know who you are, where you are and what you have to offer that they just can't live without!

Thousands of people will find you when you advertise on Colorado Wilderness.com, Meeker Colorado.com,  and Wild Colorado.com.  We welcome you to check the "stats" for any of our sites.  Just e-mail and we'll send them to you.

Outfitters and guides are a priority on this site. You are the people who can best show the splendor of Colorado to the general public, not from pictures, but by giving them a "hands on" outdoor experience. We feel this site will not only maintain, but also expand your business at a very reasonable advertising cost. You can also advertise with us on www.wildcolorado.com or www.meekercolorado.com .  This multiple exposure advertising makes your business very high profile.

Audio and video capability is available to you at additional cost, as it requires a separate page within our site. (Most Internet Service Providers charge $45/month or more for this capability when they host your personal site.) We feel this is a great personalizing sales tool. You will be able to tell people more about your business in a 3-minute audio or video presentation than any web page could possibly describe.

Reports of your site's search engine position can be furnished upon request at additional charge, as this service takes approximately 2 hours of computer time. You can request a report even if we do not design your site or you're not listed.

Who are we? IOR Productions is located in Meeker, Colorado. We are videographers, outdoor enthusiasts, and members of Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers (RMOWP), and we do believe that it’s advisable for anyone who’s venturing into the wilds of Colorado to go with a guide in order to protect nature, as well as themselves. You do not have to operate in wilderness to take advantage of this offer. We promote all businesses within Colorado and all of the Colorado Wilderness Areas.

Advertising Packages: Your listing can be in more than 1 category.

  • Your business name, logo, address, phone number, e-mail link, business description and a link to your existing website. $25/month.
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  • Real Estate Listing: For Sale By Owner. 1 page, up to 3 scrolls. Includes basic information, along with up to 6 pictures of your property. $295 one time setup fee and keeps it up until it's sold.

Website Design

If you don't have a website of your own yet, we can design, host and maintain one for you at a very affordable cost.  Prices include submission to 8 of the top search engines. Additional photos can be added to any page upon request.

You can have your own website in a matter of days when you use our services.  We're fast, reliable, professional and have NO HIDDEN FEES.  Contact IOR Internet Services and Webdesign to get started on your own website TODAY!

Hosting Fee - $10/month
Example:  www.coloradowilderness.com/your name - this would be your website address if we host your site.  This service is available under www.meekercolorado.com and www.wildcolorado.com also.  This is in addition to your monthly advertising fee.

"Mini Site" - $175 - your window on the internet!
1 webpage, your logo, 3 photos, background, color combination of your choice. Your page would be hosted on this website with NO Hosting fee!  You would only pay a $25 monthly advertising fee.

Basic Website - $295
3 to 5 web pages, your logo, 10 photos, background, color combination of your choice.

Basic Interactive Website - $495
6 to 9 web pages, 15 photos, your logo, background, color combination of your choice.

Medium Interactive Website - $795
10 to 15  web pages, numerous photos, your logo, background, color combination of your choice.

Larger Websites - Call or e-mail for quote.

We can maintain your website on an hourly "as needed" basis or monthly contract.  Contact us for rates.

Call or e-mail to get started with what we know will be the best advertising you’ve ever been involved with!  970-878-5677, IOR Internet Services and Web Design, PO Box 540, Meeker, CO 81641 Your success is our success. As our client, your thoughts and input regarding additions to coloradowilderness.com are welcome.

E-mail: info@coloradowilderness.com