"May the Peace of the Wilderness be with you"

Rumor has it - When God takes a vacation, he goes to a Colorado Wilderness!


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 Northwest Colorado Elk Hunting & Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters & Guides

Pick your Northwest Colorado Adventure! A week or a weekend - we'll help you find a guide.

Openings for Public AND Private land hunts as well as affordable Trespass hunts.

Our recommended Outfitters and Guides offer the following opportunities:

Go to Outfitter Listings

  • Elk, Deer, Desert Big Horn and Antelope Hunting - guided and unguided hunts

  • Fishing Trips - venture into Northwest Colorado's high mountain lakes, rivers and streams
  • Horseback Rides - guided and non guided - there's a horse just for you!
  • Horse, Mule, Llama Rental - riding animals and pack animals available for your hunt or vacation

  • Mountain Lion, & Other Big Game Hunts - you'll probably want a guide for this adventure

  • Pack Trips - let these outfitters and guides do the work while you enjoy the beautiful Northwest Colorado scenery
  • Photography Opportunities - Colorado is truly the "Land of a million pictures"
  • Private Lands & Ranches - perfect for those who want seclusion
  • Summer Trips - Enjoy Colorado's warm summer days and cool nights in and around the national forests, the 33 wilderness areas, private land, or anywhere these guides and outfitters can take you

  • Wildlife Observation and Sight Seeing Tours - Colorado's wildlife can be observed everywhere! Wildflowers cover what many people describe as "God's Country"

We're working on getting Guides and Outfitters for the following adventures:

If you can offer any of the following, go to our Advertising page & sign up!

  • Backpacking - guided and unguided trips
  • Biking Tours
  • Cabins and Lodging - private and public
  • Canoeing on Colorado's rivers
  • Coyote Hunts 12 months a year - no limit!
  • Cross Country Skiing Trips
  • Llama Treks
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Progressive Tours - Several outfitters come together to give you that extended vacation you've dreamed about
  • Rafting Trips - Whitewater, easy trips - whatever you want can be found in Colorado
  • Snowmobile Trips - See the spectacular winter scenery that Colorado has to offer
  • Trail Drives - Horses and Cattle - This is an adventure you'll never forget
  • Wilderness Permitted Outfitters & Guides - be prepared to hike or go horseback, as you can't go into the wilderness any other way.

Pick your adventure with a Northwest Colorado guide or outfitter!

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